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When "I" is replaced by  "We" even illness becomes wellness. 

Outpatient Services 

Why Choose Us?
Our expert therapists are able to help people with the stressors of daily life, as well as assist with the emotional aspects of living when  life-changing events occur .
  • Comprehensive care:  Our comprehensive mental health treatment services offer a full continuum of care, from outpatient counseling, to referrals to other providers offerring Targeted Case Management and RBHS Services.
  • Proven therapies:  Following evaluation and diagnosis, our clinicians employ a psychotherapy treatment approach. 
  • Easy access to specialists:  Our outpatient clinic offers an Open Access Program, which ensures that patients in need of mental health support get the services they need quickly, without long waits. Many patients can get same-day appointments.
  • Personalized approach:  We believe in a personalized approach for every patient.
  • Convenient services in your community:  We offer outpatient care throughout the community, with dedicated programs for a wide range of conditions.
SkyCare Services provides comprehensive evaluations and treatments for children, adolescents and adults in our community.  Services are provided by a Licensed Professionals.  Our program provides individual, group and family therapy.  We offer services for life's challenges, relationship issues, behavioral issues with a child or teen, depression, anxiety, trauma and persistent mental illness.
In addition, SkyCare Services offers SAME DAY ACCESS - Enroll as a client and be seen the same day!
Our focus is to resolve the issues that bring you to counseling and to help you establish or reestablish your life as a thriving, nurturing person. The first step is to help you identify the goals you seek to accomplish. Then, using powerful yet gentle methods, our counseling acts to enliven and release the forces of positive growth already present within you. You fulfill your goals and grow beyond negative patterns from the past, empowered to move forward with freedom in your life.
Our therapists are highly trained to help you resolve all life, career, family, and relationship difficulties or transitions. Some issues we address:
  • overcoming depression, anxiety, stress
  • creating intimacy and trust
  • strengthening self-esteem
  • developing healthy boundaries
  • dealing with grief, loss, loneliness
  • loving without addiction
  • resolving career conflicts
  • overcoming codependency
When your  family's life is tense, stressed, or conflicted, it affects your whole life. Trained by leading family therapists, SkyCare has been helping families and groups to achieve harmony, balance, and resolution.
We work with two-parent, single-parent, blended, divorced, and step-parent families to resolve:
  • children’s aggression, lying, stealing
  • discipline issues and differences
  • school difficulties
  • teen problems
  • communication struggles
  • difficulties with friends
  • bed-wetting and soiling
  • temper tantrums
  • drug and alcohol use
  • issues related to life-threatening or chronic illness
  • grief due to loss, separation, divorce
  • concerns involving elder care
In order to determine what services are most appropriae for you, one of our licensed clinicians will complete a clinical assessment with the completion of the intake paperwork. The assessment reviews the following areas:
  • Presenting problems / symptoms creating the need for treatment
  • Family History
  • Treatment History
  • Review of any substance abuse / or use
  • A review of your strengths, needs, abilities and preferences
  • Establishment of a diagnoses with treatment  recommendations
At your initial appointment you should bring your identification, your insurance card, and a copy of any custody order, or guardianship paperwork if applicable. 
The assessment and intake process can take 2-3 hours to complete.  Please plan accordingly when you schedule your initial appointment. 
Individual paths to recovery differ. Our packages of treatments and supportive services for mental health disorders are tailored to fit individual needs.
For many people with behavioral health problems the most effective approach often involves a combination of counseling and medication. Supportive services, such as case or care management, can also play an important role in promoting health and recovery. Our treatment plans process include:
• Treatment goals and objectives based on the most recent diagnostic assessment
• Specific strategies and methods for treating needs identified by the diagnostic assessment
• Schedule for accomplishing the goals and objectives
• Responsibility for providing each treatment component
• Mental health status and progress, including changes in functioning